Afzelia Butcher - block H178 ST15

Amarello Granite F369 ST82

Artic blue - grey F161 ST70

Artic yellow grey F163 ST70

Artwood brown F901 ST9

Artwood light F900 ST9

Bavarian Beech H1511 ST15

Bianco beige grey F306 ST2

Black Granite F040 ST72

Black Marble F202 ST15

Carrara marble F107 ST2

China red U321 ST82

Dark Concrete F275 ST9

Dark Plum Butcher - block H047 ST15

Ellmau Beech H1582 ST15






Fino Bronze F583 ST22

Fino Cinnamon F584 ST22

Galizia grey beige F371 ST82

Grey Country Oak H296 ST22

Latina Marble F104 ST2

Light Concrete F274 ST9

Light Ferrara Oak H1334 ST9

Light grey U708 ST2

Light planked Timber H045 ST15

Magna black F270 ST82

Magna rosso F268 ST82

Malaga Marble F065 ST70

Manhattan Cherry H1698 ST15

Natural Butcher - block Beech H1980 ST15

Natural Core Beech H207 ST9

Natural Fjord Birch H3802 ST9

Natural Starnberg Maple H1887 ST9

Paradiso blue F135 ST2

Paradiso green F137 ST2

Paradiso red F136 ST2

Perlino red F309 ST2

Platinum white W980 ST2

Plum Butcher - block H046 ST15

Puntinella Graphite F115 ST15

Quarz Toffee F491 ST82

Romana Cherry H1615 ST9

Sardo Granite F145 ST2

Slate F253 ST15

Sonora black F042 ST70

Titanium F502 ST15

Tobacco Aida Walnut H3704 ST15

Trani light grey F131 ST15

Travertin F039 ST2

Tropica iris F755 ST15

Tropica paprika F753 ST15

Tropica vanilla F751 ST15


Unica Off white F558 ST15

Valentino grey F147 ST82

Valentino Light - brown F148 ST82

Verona light grey F150 ST2


Wenge Butcher - block H199 ST70

Wenge H1555 ST15
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How to Choose Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is a dirty place. Food and water spills on the floor can make it a death trap for many. Once food reaches the floor, bacteria can grow in between the tiles or the small spaces that the flooring does not quite meet up with the cabinets. Dirt from vendors and employees coming in and out of the kitchen can also cause slips and falls making the kitchen flooring one of the most important items in your kitchen, even more so than the mixers, sinks and ovens. When it comes to choosing your commercial kitchen flooring, few things are more important than your flooring being slip resistant. Here are some considerations when looking into purchasing commercial kitchen flooring for your restaurant.

Selecting the Right Kitchen Backsplash Design

When selecting a backsplash for your kitchen, it is important to have it match the fixtures in your kitchen, but not the appliances, since they will change over time. The fixtures will be the more permanent items in the kitchen or at least will be changed less often.

Kitchen Granite Countertops Add Real Value to Your Home

Granite is believed to be second only to diamonds in its hardness. Kitchen granite countertops are becoming increasingly popular because of this unbeatable toughness. Granite is a durable stone that requires little maintenance and can be highly polished or finished in a variety of ways.

The French country kitchen design

The French country kitchen design can provide your kitchen with a look and feel that brightens the spirit and can transform the kitchen into a room that is much more than just a place to dine and prepare food.

Kitchen island layout

A kitchen island is a position – one platform in the middle of the kitchen, creating a more comfortable and more effective workplace.

Kitchen chairs

A kitchen is more than a common space for cooking. Now in some regions a standard kitchen layout – closets along the wall - is not so distinct.

Materials for kitchen furniture

Carcass is an invisible part of kitchen furniture, hidden under the façade. The carcass is produced from a 16 or 18 m thick laminated chip board. Laminate plates are industrially produced in various colors and textures.

Kitchen layout

A compact  „U” or „L” type layout will allow you to avoid unnecessary lifting and carrying!


The key for a family-friendly kitchen is the possibility to create a place where the children and parents could spend time together, do their daily tasks without getting in each other’s way.


The lighting has to be sufficiently flexible in order to provide possibilities of variation in the dining-room as well. To achieve the desired effect, you will definitely have to use several types of lighting.